Unbeatable Fun, This PS1 Game Makes Childhood More Colorful

Which one is your favorite?


The development of technology is considered very rapid every year. No exception in games. Every year, there will always be improvements in terms of graphics and technology. 90’s games will definitely be much different from todays with very clear picture quality.

Even though in terms of graphics, the game from the past is no less exciting than what it is today. Talking about old games, it’s not complete if you don’t talk about the legendary PlayStation 1 game.

PS1 became the most popular console game in the 90s to early 2000s. Because of its popularity, until now there are still many who are loyal to playing PS1 games on PC. Among the many, some of these legendary PS1 games are the most popular and addictive. Do you remember how to play?

1. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

First released in 1999, the game Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater immediately skyrocketed among fans of PS1 games. The best PS1 game that uses the name of the legendary skater, Tony Hawk, has indeed become one of the most popular PS1 games at that time. Have you ever played it too?

2. Nascar Rumble

Nascar Rumble is a racing game that became one of the favorite games of the 90s generation. This car racing game was indeed very popular because of its pretty good graphics at that time.

3. Supershoot Soccer

Everyone who has played PS1 must be familiar with this awesome game. This ball game with different skills in each country is so exciting and addictive. You must also have a champion country, right?

4. Resident Evil

Although the graphics are much different from Resident Evil now, Resident Evil PS1 also feels so exciting and tense. Susana is lonely and scary feels so strong when playing this game. You must have been surprised when you played this game, right?

5. Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy is a game that is very popular among 90’s children. In each series, Final Fantasy always offers its own excitement. When playing this game , the days seem so fast, because it’s so addictive.

6. Metal Slug X

It’s outrageous if you’ve never played this legendary game . This action game has always been a mandatory game for rental children. Besides being fun, Metal Slug is also wrapped with a humorous side that makes people addicted to playing. How many times have you finished?

7. CTR (Crash Team Racing)

Finally, there is Crash Team Racing or better known as CTR. This legendary game is so popular among PS1 players. Not only normal races, CTR can also fire several weapons to take each other’s leading positions. You’re not a 90’s kid if you’ve never played racing games on this one.

So I miss my childhood after seeing the list of legendary PS1 games above. By default, he wants to go back to childhood and repeat the fun when playing PS1. Among the games above, which do you think is the most exciting? https://keepo.me/techno/seru-nggak-ada-duanya-7-game-ps1-ini-bikin-masa-kecil-jadi-lebih-berwarna/ Editor : Disfira Ika

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