This is the reason for the cancellation of the Google Pixel Fold


Since the beginning of this year, rumors have been predicting that Google could launch a foldable phone at the October event. However, the company only launched the Pixel 6 series, the reason being the inability to compete as well as a shortage of components.

Until recently, the foldable Pixel never really took off. Because according to information from the leaker, trusted Ross Young, that the Google Pixel may no longer be the case.

Young said Google had allegedly canceled orders for materials needed to manufacture foldable devices on a large scale.

Young also predicts that there are two main causes behind this decision. The first is that Google doesn’t believe its foldable smartphone will have a hard time competing with Samsung dominating the foldable device market now, so in order for it to compete at least, offer a better product or something cheaper than Samsung.

Google may until now have not found a way to do that, the second reason may be the cancellation of the Google Pixel Fold due to a shortage of component materials. The ongoing global shortage of chips is making it difficult for the company to sustain even the most basic production of phones, and it is the production of foldable phones with a limited audience that will boomerang on it.

Of course, with the cancellation of the production of his folding cellphone, it has become a very mature decision, there is still the possibility in the future for Google to make a pixel fold in the future, compared to now which looks rash because it is not ready from all sides.

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But looking at the code found in the Google Camera app also shows that the device will be released in 2022. It will likely be released together with the latest OS from android called Android 12 L for foldable devices and tablets.

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Because Google plans to release a stable version of Android 12L, which is meant for tablets and foldable phones, in March. Seeing this means that the Pixel Fold still has the possibility to be marketed.

Seeing Google canceling its folding smartphone production makes Samsung even more victorious, because the Korean company occupies 88% of the foldable smartphone market share in 2021.

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