The 6 Best Game Consoles Make Playing Games More Exciting

Where is it fun to play games on a cellphone or console?


Game consoles have been popular with the public for a long time even long before cellphones mushroomed in the world. There are so many types and brands of game consoles that are well known by the world community, including the people of Indonesia. The popularity of game consoles continues to this day.

Game consoles are indeed devoted to playing games, unlike smartphones which are not specifically made for games. The specificity of game consoles makes this thing more special for playing games when compared to smartphones. Here are 6 of the best game consoles to play a variety of exciting games.

Best Game Console

There are several gaming console brands that have won the trust of the game-loving community so that these brands have given birth to several generations of game consoles, all of which have their respective advantages. Here are the 6 best game consoles that make playing games more exciting

PlayStation 4 Pro

Maybe most console game lovers already have a PlayStation 4, but what about PlayStation 4 Pro? Well, this game console is the latest version, an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4. The CPU owned by the PlayStation 4 Pro has 1.3 times the power of the previous version so that games can be processed faster.

PlayStation 4 Pro is also predicted to be the first game console made by Sony that carries 4K graphics. Of course the resolution in the PlayStation 4 Pro will be sharper and more detailed. Price? You can get the PlayStation 4 Pro with prices starting from Rp. 6.3 million.

Sony PS Vita

Sony PS Vita deserves to be called the best gaming console. The reason is, the Sony PS Vita presents bright and clear colors. The buttons are also very responsive, so playing games becomes easier.

Sony also provided the Sony PS Vita with a touch screen for in-game interaction. The Sony PS Vita is even more complete with two cameras, a browser, and near & party social media. You can get this innovative game console with prices starting from IDR 2.1 million.

Nintendo Switch

After the failure of the WiiU series, Nintendo Switch has achieved success since its release in March 2017. This best game console can be played on television by placing it on a special dock. Can also be used as a handheld console when removed.

Nintendo Switch also brings another innovation in the form of a joy-con, namely a controller that is removed from the Nintendo Switch body. With this controller, you can play in the most comfortable position possible. Nintendo Switch is priced at IDR 4.4 million.

Microsoft Xbox 360 + Kinect

The best game console made by Microsoft provides a breakthrough by presenting motion sensor technology, namely Kinect. Almost the same as the Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 can play games that require movement. For example, sports games and dancing.

This game console, which is marketed with prices starting from Rp. 3.4 million, can also support online games. The reason is, the Xbox 360 is equipped with an internet connection via WiFi and an ethernet cable port. The desire to play games is getting more and more satisfied with the Xbox 360 game console.

OEM 8-bit Game Console

Even though more and more modern and sophisticated technology has emerged, there is still a longing for the classic games of the past. In light of this, the technology manufacturer from the Bamboo Curtain Country, OEM, released an 8-bit OEM game console.

This OEM 8-bit is a game console that contains up to 620 video games ready for you to play. Of course, the games provided by this 8-bit OEM will make you nostalgic for the past. The price for this 8-bit OEM console is also fairly cheap, starting from IDR 190 thousand.

3T Game Indonesia GI-001

The last best game console came from Indonesia, namely 3T Game Indonesia GI-001. If you want to play console games and don’t have enough budget to buy a console worth millions, you can use 3T Game Indonesia GI-001 as an alternative.

3T Game Indonesia GI-001 has a 2.5-inch screen with a lithium battery. This console also has a TV output function so that this console can be used for casual play. The price of the 3T Game Indonesia GI-001 is very cheap, you know. You can take home 3T Game Indonesia GI-001 only with prices starting from IDR 100 thousand.

Well, those are the 6 best game consoles that make playing games more exciting. Although now many people choose to play games on smartphones, game consoles still provide a more special experience that makes anyone who plays it addicted.

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