Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022


Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022 has been released. You can download the PDF document “Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022” from our website. The university is one of the best public universities in the country. Knowing the Jagannath University Admissions Circular and process provides concise information and a clear view of all public universities in the country.

You can find the complete Jagannath University application process on our website. You can also view our announcements in Bangladesh by clicking here.

 Jagannath University Admission 2022

An additional Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022 has been published. Below is a complete overview of what you need to do to apply to Jagannath University and how to prepare for it. Entrance exams are held this year in the Jagannath University cluster system. Jagannath University Admissions Circular 2022 has been released.

JNU Admission Circular 2022

All Application information is available on the Jagannath University website at https://www.jnu.ac.bd/ and additional forms can be used by anyone. Access to Jagannath University is accepted in two steps. At one of the departments of Jagannath University, 30,000 applicants have the opportunity to pass the exam on their first application. Primary voters have the opportunity to complete the final Application form.

Jagannath University Admission Circular 2022

Primary voters have the opportunity to complete the final application form. Upon completion of the final exam Applicants must select their preferred subject and then select a meaningful item. is in this setting list. Admission will be issued at the end of the application period. Each device has a limited time to download Admit cards.

Jagannath University Admission Test Circular 2022

After the publication deadline and before the qualifying exam An alignment plan will be published for each block. Meeting plans are published separately for each location. The Jagannath University Entrance Examination will be held on schedule. After the entrance test of each block The results of the entrance test for that blog will be published. taking online exams.

JNU Mark Distribution 2022

Written test of 25 thousand students of Units 1 2 and 3 on merit basis. The admission test will be held at one hour and thirty minutes. 12 marks from SSC, 16 marks from HSC and 72 marks from written test. The written test will have a total of 6 questions and 4 marks for each. Total number 6 × 4 = 24

 Jagannath University Units

Unit 1
Science Department
Total GPA in SSC and HSC examinations should be 8.00. GPA should be minimum 3.00 separately in SSC and HSC exams separately.
Unit 2
Humanities Department
SSC and HSC examinations, the combined total GPA should be 7.00. Must have 3.00 GPA in SSC and HSC separately.
Unit 3
Business Education
SSC and HSC exams GPA should be minimum 7.50 and GPA in SSC and HSC exams separately should be 3.00.
Music Fine Arts Drama Film and Television Category:
Total GPA in SSC and HSC exams should be 7.00. If GPA is below 2.50 in any one of the examinations of SSC and HSC, then HSC must have minimum B grade in Bengali and English.



How To Apply Jagannath University 2022


  • To apply, first go to the Jagannath University website https://www.jnu.ac.bd
  • After reading the guidelines from the website, you can get an idea about all the minutes. The website has guidelines for all units.
  • To apply for any one unit of Jagannath University, one has to click on the application button on the website.
  • After clicking on the application the student or applicant has to give his HSC and SSC exam roll number.
  • The applicant must fill in the name of the board and click on the click button.
  • The above information needs to be re-verified and the confirm button has to be clicked.

Jagannath University Entrance Exams Access 2022 Unreleased. The JNU entrance exam can be downloaded from our website. by visiting the website regularly You can download the application form as soon as it is published. Once you have published the application form You can download it from our website.

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