How to Use Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop on PC

How to Use Web Telegram


Messaging applications that are quite widely used in the country are not only WhatsApp and LINE. Let’s not forget Telegram which has also had its own loyal users over the last few years.

The simple and responsive interface makes it a favorite messenger . In fact, not a few of its users operate Telegram Web when operating a laptop or PC.

Without the need to open and close the application on your cellphone , you can still receive, read, and reply to incoming messages. If you are curious and interested in how to use Telegram on PCs and laptops, take a look and follow the complete guide below.

How to Have a Telegram Account

Although both can be downloaded for free, there are advantages that make Telegram also have many enthusiasts compared to WhatsApp. This application is relatively light and does not take up a lot of internal memory capacity. So, there is no such thing as a pending incoming chat .

In addition, users can also use the secret chat feature that has end-to-end encryption to maintain its security. Coupled with this convenience, unfortunately Telegram users do not have the Story feature. But these apps can still be accessed when operating laptops and PCs even though they don’t open the application on the cellphone directly.

For those who don’t know, there are two ways to use Telegram on PC. You can access Telegram Web or by installing Telegram Desktop. For those who want to be fast and maximize their browser , accessing the web version can be the fastest way. If you don’t mind installing new apps on your device, just download and install Telegram desktop.

Before you go and try how to use Telegram Web or desktop, you must first install and have a Telegram account. To make it easier to practice, follow the steps for installing Telegram on your smartphone below:

After success, you can immediately use it to communicate with saved contacts and happen to use Telegram
After starting a conversation on Telegram while operating your cellphone, there may be times when you feel bored and tired of having to open and close the application first when you are busy facing your laptop. For that, the developer has made it easy for users to stay updated with incoming chats even though they don’t have much time to open their phones. Just choose between Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop.

How to Use Web Telegram

After having an account, you can try how to use Telegram Web without the need to install additional applications on laptops and PCs. By accessing the browser , you can stay updated with chat without the need to go back and forth to open the cellphone. Follow the tutorial below for a guide.

If all processes have been carried out and the fields have been filled in accordance with the provisions, in your browser tab the same chat room will appear as on your cellphone. You can receive, read, and reply to messages that come into your Telegram.

How to Use Telegram Desktop

How to use Telegram on PCs and laptops can also be maximized by installing Telegram Desktop. Unlike Telegram Web, which requires users to access it by opening a browser first, this application makes it easier for you to be more practical and faster when replying to messages via devices other than cellphones .

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Installation is easy, this software can be installed on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. Check out the steps below to find out the complete way.

  • Open a browser and access
  • Download the program according to the operating system used. Click Get Telegram for Windows and you can also Show all platforms. Download and immediately install on the device
  • After the installation process is complete, click Start Messaging
  • Select a country and enter the registered Telegram number
  • Enter the OTP code sent to the cellphone into the field that appears on the desktop
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After completing the installation process and signing in, you can directly access the Telegram messaging version on a larger screen. Incoming message notifications will also appear in real-time, no less fast than when operated with a smartphone.

Accessing Telegram Web and Telegram Desktop is not as difficult as imagined. When compared to WhatsApp, you don’t need to do a barcode scan from your cellphone to connect to the web and desktop versions. It is no less safe even if you enter the country, mobile number with area code, and OTP sent to your cellphone.

Of the two methods above, which one will you choose when accessing Telegram via PC and laptop? Can be adjusted to your needs and situation, yes. Whether accessed through a browser or directly from the application, each user is free to choose.

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